Here at Kussin Katie, we make a variety of different products for your pleasure.


Kussin Katie Fire Powder


kussin katie hot sauce bottle
Kussin Katie Hot Sauce


Steel Shack BBQ Sauce



Salsa – Coming soon!




As Emerson once said, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” We agree! 

Here are some quotes from our flowers/followers:

Best damn hot sauce I’ve ever had.” – Bob

“I put a pack of that spice in my chili. I had to add 5 more gallons of chili to cool it down. That stuff packs a punch!” – Tom

“I mix Kussin Katie Fire Powder with my coffee grounds before I brew it. I love it, but my co-workers hate me.” – Krista

“No sodium? Bullshit. It tastes too good to be salt free.” – Dave

“Judda pinch of dat spice and you don’t need be adding nuttin else. More dan a pinch and whoo hoo I tell ya, it’ll light yore ass up!” – Cajun John

“I love hot stuff, I’ll eat that whole bag.” (A finger full later) “That’s way too hot, cough, gasping noise, more coughing” (5 minutes later) “It burns worse coming back up.” – Timmy